3 Deuces Version 2
                has usefull tuning tips to help your 390 406 427 428 FE
                Ford run great at the drag strip and the street.
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What does 3 Deuces Version 2 cover?
3 Deuces offers technical discussion on:

Part numbers - Intakes manifolds - Carburetor inspection - Carburetor repair - Carburetor upgrades-Carburetor "hard to find parts" - Carburetor assembly - Carburetor adjustments - Installation and linkage adjustments - Running adjustments - Carburetor tuning - Performance tips.

3 Deuces Version 2 is comprised from 25 plus years of first hand experience restoring and tuning the FE tri-power system and is available as an online download. This is absolutely the most informative technical information available on Ford FE tri power systems. Not only does it contain the technical data but 3 Deuces Version 2 also covers complete set up and installation, linkage adjustments, performance upgrades, extensive part numbers for ordering hard to find carburetor parts, carburetor tuning for street strip applications, and much more. Thanks to this age of digital photography, 3 Deuces Version 2 is loaded with high quality close up color photographs to give visual step by step procedures. 3 Deuces Version 2 offers all of the technical information needed to make your tri-power system with its Holley list #2436/2437, #2497/2498/2499, or #3208 carburetors a true screamer.

Tuning the Ford FE 3x2
                              intake system is much easier then many
                              think. 3 Deuces Version 2 is a step by
                              step guide and makes tuning and adjusting
                              even easier!

3 Deuces Version 2 portrays technical information on the Ford FE tri power system and is a "bare bones" to the fact carburetor assembly and tuning guide. Learn how to properly assemble and tune the Ford/Holley tri power carburetors for hot street/strip action with reliability! To purchase and download immediately click the "Buy Now" icon below.

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