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HP Trends Ford FE 3x2 System


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Ford FE 3x2-2
Ford FE 3x2-5
Ford FE 3x2-6


Ford FE 3x2-7
Ford FE 3x2-8


All of our intake systems are bead blasted and thoroughly cleaned. The systems come ready to bolt on out of the box and come assembled as seen with accelerator pump gap, idle mixture screws, curb idle screws, and float levels adjusted with linkages synchronized. All parts on our restorations are U.S. made and are of the highest quality and consist of the following:

New factory  list number 2436/2437 Holley tri-power carburetors

New  air cleaner/filter

New  linkages made from original Ford tooling

New fuel log made from original Ford tooling

New billet aluminum rear intake breather basket with new mesh filter

New intake PCV rear breather cover

New PCV valve and hose assembly w/fitting for vacuum modulator valve and power brakes

New polished intake oil fill tube

New chrome vented oil fill tube cap

New tall heater hose and water pump bypass fittings

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